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Bathroom vanity Countertops

Granite as a countertop or vanity top has set the standard for durability, a sense of permanence, and outright aesthetic value. For busy modern living, a granite countertop or granite vanity top delivers on a high-level of functionality. In process for millions of years, granite is one of the hardest natural stone materials in the world. Granite is naturally resistant to the types of wear a countertop or vanity top is likely to endure on a daily basis. Heat resistance, abrasion resistance to cutlery and other common kitchen items, as well as moisture resistance are all areas where granite excels. With granite, your kitchens and bathrooms gain this level of durability, along with a study sense of permanence too. Installing a granite countertop or vanity top adds strength in both performance and as a notable design feature. Being a natural material, each granite slab features patterns and colors that make each countertop or vanity top one of a kind. For a surface that offers a level of elegance that is often imitated but never equaled, a granite countertop or vanity top is the surface by which all others are judged. Now through BuildDirect, granite countertops and vanity tops are also an affordable option. All of the strength and beauty offered by granite is now available within your budget for any residential or commercial countertop or vanity top project.