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Bathroom Vanity Countertops

Make your bathroom or kitchen special with our unique products. Some of our showers can be customized with steam units, body jets, shower heads. Some of our soaking tubs can be customized with spa jets. How would you like a shower base with a heated floor and seat? Granite and marble countertops are our specialty. Cabinet hardware is jewelry for your cabinets & furniture. Some toilets can be plain or skirted, one or two piece, comfort height or standard height, with or without a sang loss finish to repel dirt inside the bowl. Towel bars come in many colors and can be simple or adorned with crystals. We have faucets where you can unscrew the handles for easy cleaning. Some of our bathroom cabinets have slow closing doors, same with our toilet seats! We love our heated toilet seats! Wall hung radiators that warm your towels and robe are another luxury! How would you like a medicine cabinet with a night light so you don't have to put the big light on at night and wake yourself up? Medicine cabinets can have electric inside so you can leave your shaver, toothbrush and curling iron plugged in.Soap holders that hold the bar of soap, above the sink to dry, instead of being all yucky and wet in a soap dish! We love the products we sell!

Our stone counter tops are fabricated for today's kitchens and bathrooms. With stone, you have unlimited design possibilities, a variety of edge treatments, and a wide selection of colors. Granite counter tops are provided with an extremely durable and easy to maintain surface. Unlike laminates and synthetic surfaces. stone counter top has the ability to withstand hot and cold temperatures. These characteristics make stone counter tops into the perfect choice for your bathroom, kitchen and backsplash applications. Bathroom counter tops are waterproof, stain-resistant and almost impossible to scratch, and will maintain a diamond-polished looks for years. Hot pans, spills and every-day activities pose no problem and cleaning is as simple as a damp cloth.