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Culture Stones

Man-made art stones, also known as man-made cultural stones, are made of clay, cement, and imported fastness pigments by hands. They are high intensity, low specific gravity, light weight, easy installation, waterproof, colorful, UV resistant, non-radioactive compared with the natural stones. The above characteristics make them widely used for internal and external wall decoration in gardens, villas, clubs, theme parks, residential homes, golf course and other buildings. The man-made cultural stones can show the variety of cultural connotations and natural styles, so that they enable people to have a relaxed mood of returning and tasting the nature while enjoying the aesthetic pleasure, to achieve the attractive and practical situation. They are the best materials to replace the natural stonesand slates.

These textures come in matching colors. When you blend them on site in whatever proportion you choose, the mixture produces a rugged texture fit for any informal setting. Their compatible colors accent and harmonize with other contemporary materials including stucco, wood, brick and vinyl.