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Light Yellow Marble Stone

Also named Perlino Bianco Marble.

While or light yellow marble flooring in the worship room is highly auspicious. White is the combination of seven colours of solar spectrum and represents peace, charity,truthfulness, purity and lightness.

Light yellow is the colour of` rising sun, which represents spiritual richness. Makrana white and Jaisalmer yellow marble will best serve our purpose. The wall colour of the pooja room should be white, light yellow, cream or light blue.

Light blue is the prismatic colour of most auspicious planet Jupiter and represents the vastness of sky and the sea. God almighty is vast, the infinite. Blue is at cold colour helping you in spiritual attainment.

Marble Stone,Perlino Bianco Marble,Yellow Marble,Light Yellow Marble

Light Yellow Marble Stone which is a type of Yellow Marble Stone,very elegant and affordable.

Name: Light Yellow Marble Stone

Variations: Low

Surface finishing: Polishing

Basic Density(g/cm3): 2.67

General Use: Interiors & Exteriors

Tiles sizes : 12"*12"*3/8"(305*305*10mm),16"*16"*3/8"(406*406*10mm), 16"*16"*1/2"(406*406*12mm),18"*18"*3/8"(457*457*10mm), 24"*12"*3/8"(600*300*10mm),24"*24"*3/4"(610*610*20mm),other sizes are also available as per the clients' request.

Gangsaw Slabs sizes : 4'up * 8'up (1200mm up*2400mm up)

Countertops Common Sizes : 96"*26", 108"*26",96"*36",25.5"*96",26"*78",30"*76", 25.5"*99",other sizes are also available as per the clients' request.

Vanity Tops Common Sizes: 25"*19"/22",31"*19"/22",37"*19"/22",49"*19"/22"(single or double sinks),61"*19"/22",other sizes are also available as per the clients' request.

Thickness Tolerance: +/- 1mm