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Spring Rose Marble

Ninesun Stone can supply various of marble products like China Spring Rose Marble,the quality is high and price is favourable.The surface of Agate Red Marble Stone can be polished,honed,flamed,bushhammered,etc.Spring Rose Marble are used to produce flooring tiles/slabs,wall tiles,paving stone,countertops,vanity top,kerbstone,cube stone,stair,railing,etc.Our Spring Rose Marbleare popular and exported to all over the world.

Marble Stone,Spring Rose Marble,Red Marble

A metamorphic (recrystallized) limestone composed predominately of crystalline grains of calcite or dolomite or both, having interlocking or mosaic texture.

Name: Spring Rose Marble

Color: Red or Pink

Density(g/cm3): 2.67

Modulus of Rupture: 28.5MPa

Acid resistance: 98.90%

Alkali resistance: 99.43%

Water Absorption: 0.08%