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Stone slab has been used for decades as a cladding material for skyscrapers,office buildings and other commercial facades.Today,stone slab is the most popular solid surface countertop choice in residential kitchens and baths.Stone slab is available in all types of material including granite marble,limestone,travertine,and even slate.Granite slab is most commonly used on kitchen countertops while the others can be used in bathroom vanities,office desks,transaction tops and other applications.Like any stone application, it is important to choose the correct product and to develop a maintenance program to insure the beauty and durability of your investment.

Purchasing stone slab for your installation can be overwhelming at first so here are a few things to remember and think about when making your choice.While some stones are very uniform in appearance,some have a great range of variation. Make sure you note the characteristics you like so your countertops will reflect the attributes you chose. Stone slabs are cut from blocks and then sliced like loaves of bread. While characteristics are generally consistent from piece to piece, they can vary.It is a good idea to have a fabricator in mind prior to selecting a slab.

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